Correct Saddle Fitting

Posted on June 16, 2016 at 4:35 PM

Saddle fitting and the importance of correctly fitting tack! Please take the time to understand and learn and not to 'make do' with what you have got... Spend the extra money and save your self a fortune in corrective work and time undoing the problems caused by ill fitting tack!


I have now had Rob of Biddlecombe Saddle Company Ltd working with me and my horses for over a year and since gaining sponsorship from BLISS OF LONDON - Saddle makers of distinction the difference in my horses backs is unrecognisable!


Eloisa Townsend: Muscular - Skeletal Therapist has been working with me and my horses for coming on 3 years now, and in yesterday's visit for the first time not a single one of the horses who may I add are in full work and competing regularly had to have any major work done or had any back or muscular pain relating to their saddles, and they haven't been seen in about two months!


Before using Rob and having the horses in regularly checked Bliss saddles the horses needed regular corrective work directly relating to saddles.

Our horses are athletes and should be treated in that manor.. I can't stress enough how important a correctly fitting saddle is, how the smallest unbalance can effect a huge area and stop you and your horses from performing at your best!


I can't thank Eloisa, Rob and Bliss of London saddles enough for their support, the amount I have learned from them and in the improvement in both my horses and my self!

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